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Asa Marsh Managing Director Interview

Posted by Asa Marsh on September 16, 2017


Interviewer: Asa, welcome. Your name is synonymous with real estate innovation in Southeast Asia, particularly in Phuket. Can you share the current trends influencing the property market here?

Asa Marsh: Thanks for having me. Absolutely, Phuket’s property scene is on the move, and sustainability is leading the charge. There’s a significant uptick in demand for eco-friendly homes and developments that prioritise community living. Moreover, the global shift towards remote work has put Phuket in the spotlight for digital nomads seeking a blend of work and paradise. This is reshaping what people look for in a home and investment properties, steering away from the traditional to spaces that support a flexible, modern lifestyle.

Interviewer: That’s fascinating. How is Easy Living Phuket adapting to meet these evolving demands?

Asa Marsh: We’re embracing these changes head-on. Our focus has expanded to properties that offer more than just a roof over your head; we’re talking about creating living experiences. This means exploring properties with access to amenities, shared workspaces, eco-innovations, and places that foster genuine community connections. Our aim is to curate homes and investment properties where people feel they belong and can lead fulfilling lives.

Interviewer: With such dynamic shifts in the market, what guidance do you have for those eyeing Phuket’s real estate today?

Asa Marsh: The game has changed. My advice is to think about the lifestyle you want or your renter would want, not just the investment. Properties that cater to the evolving dynamics of work and environmental consciousness are not just good for the soul; they’re smart investments. They’re poised to appreciate as the world leans more towards these values. And, understanding the nuances of property ownership in Thailand is crucial. It’s about making informed, forward-thinking decisions.

Interviewer: Your life has transitioned significantly since moving to Phuket, especially now as a father of three. How do these personal experiences shape your business philosophy, particularly in real estate?

Asa Marsh: It’s been transformative. Seeing Phuket through the lens of a family man has deepened my understanding of what truly matters in a home and community. It’s not just about the investment potential but creating environments where families can thrive. This perspective has driven us to prioritize developments that are not just family-friendly but are embedded within vibrant, supportive communities.

Interviewer: Speaking of transformation, can you tease any upcoming projects or new directions for Easy Living Phuket that our readers might find intriguing?

Asa Marsh: We’re bursting with excitement over a few projects that really embody our vision for the future. Our insurance platform,, is expanding significantly to provide unparalleled support for expats. We’re also injecting new life into our long standing online  publication Asia Lifestyle Magazine with shorter form digital content that resonates with today’s audiences.

But there’s more – I recently acquired a seasoned media company that was originally founded in 2004, known for guiding tourists through Phuket, way back when. It’s an exciting venture, as we’re revamping it to match the needs of modern travellers, ensuring Phuket remains an unmatched destination. These initiatives are just the beginning. We’re committed to enhancing Phuket’s appeal as a place to live, work, and play.

Interviewer: It’s clear that Easy Living Phuket isn’t just growing; it’s aiming to enrich Phuket’s lifestyle and community. How do you see these efforts impacting the island’s future?

Asa Marsh: Our mission goes beyond business growth; it’s about contributing to a sustainable, vibrant future for Phuket. By focusing on community, sustainability, and the evolving needs of the modern resident and visitor, we’re not just responding to trends; we’re hoping to set them. Phuket has a unique charm and potential, and through these endeavors, we aim to unlock even greater value for everyone who experiences this incredible island.

Interviewer: Your vision for Phuket is both ambitious and inspiring. Thanks for sharing your insights and plans with us, Asa.

Asa Marsh: Thank you. It’s an honour to be part of Phuket’s journey, and I look forward to the continued evolution of this beautiful place we call home. Together, we’re not just building properties; we’re crafting an island destination for future generations to cherish.

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