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Asa Marsh In Luxury Villa

Asa Marsh Managing Director Interview

Nov 27, 2017
​What makes you stand out? Having worked as the marketing director for the – at that time – largest pro ...
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Villa Sunset View

Guaranteed Returns in Phuket, Thailand

Nov 22, 2017
Tips about the Phuket Real Estate Market What is a Guaranteed Return? When searching for property in Phuket you’ll ...
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Phuket Boats Beach Island

Who is coming to Phuket now?

Nov 22, 2017
Buying an investment property, targeting the tourist rental market is the most common purchase request that I have. ...
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Thai Children Plays Thailand Longboat

Cost of Living in Phuket

Nov 21, 2017
I get asked nearly every week: How much does it cost to live in Phuket? The answer to this question is of course re ...
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