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Phuket Medical Tourism

Posted by Asa Marsh on March 25, 2023

An important topic in our videos and in life in general is: how are the hospitals? When travelling to Thailand you can do so knowing that some of these hospitals are the best in the world. When you want to spent the rest of your life here or just visiting for one week: medical care is a great asset of Thailand.

Medical tourism in Phuket

Medical Tourism - hospitals The hospitals in Phuket are world class and the medical tourism is improving. A lot of our customers, who bought property in Phuket, are here for an operation or minor changes to their bodies. We spoke with Boon Yongsakul and asked him about his point of view regarding the hospitals and medical care.

Medical tourism: taken care of tourists

Thai people are friendly and caring people, so it is normal we have great hospitals as we want to give the best possible service to our tourists and visitors. The doctors really take care after you, not because it is their duty but it is in their culture and heart. The best doctors in Thailand are here in Phuket and not in Bangkok.

Medical Tourism is famous for:

  • Dental tourism: 50% cheaper than in Europe but the same quality.
  • Opticians are famous.
  • Plastic surgery.

Hospitals are hotel room quality

You are treated as a royalty when you need to visit an International hospital in Phuket. The hospital rooms are from such a high standard that people compare them to hotels in Phuket. Even the food is great quality, you even get to chose your own menu to eat. You need of course a good insurance in Phuket to enjoy these benefits. But like most of us know, an insurance is a necessity!

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