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Company video Easy Living Phuket

Intro Easy Living Phuket

Easy Living Phuket made several videos to help you with questions regarding Phuket, investing or buying property. In our first video we give a small introduction about ourself.

Video: Easy Living Phuket intro

Doing well Phuket

Phuket is doing well

Many people are surprised why Phuket is doing so well. In this video we try to answer this question and give you a better idea about the strength of Phuket.

Video: Phuket is doing well

GDP Stability Phuket

Phuket Stabilitiy

In our third movie we explain the stability in Phuket and why it it a good reason to invest here. Tourism is good for 14.7% of Thailand’s GDP.

Video: Phuket Stability


Phuket Demographics

In this video we explain the people living here and tourist visiting Phuket. Where do they come from? Who will live in my condominium? We see that market is always changing. Click here to watch the video.

Video: Phuket Demographics

Phuket infrastructure

Phuket infrastructure

With so many people it is important that Phuket has a good infrastructure. What is Phuket doing to improve roads? Which projects are planned and which one are ongoing?

Video: Infrastructure in Phuket

Phuket medical tourism

Phuket Medical expertise

Phuket has world class hospitals and a lot of tourists just come here for a surgery. Thai people and doctors excel in dental and plastic surgeries.

Video: Medical tourism Phuket

Phuket facilities

Phuket Facilities

When living on an island, there need to be a lot of activities to keep everyone happy. What are the popular activities in Phuket? Watch this video and learn all about it.

Video: Facilities in Phuket

Phuket ownership

Phuket ownership

Can you own property in Thailand? It is a popular question along tourist and foreigners. Yes, you can own property! How? Watch the following video and find the different possibilities.

Video: Property ownership

Investment incentives

Investment incentives

Developers have all kind of incentives to convince you. The most popular ones are guaranteed returns, buy back option or rental pool. What is the difference between them?

Video: Investment incentives

Public transport Phuket

Phuket Public Transport

You don’t want to rent a car to go from one point to another? What are the different options I have and what will be improved in the near future?

Video: Public Transport

Phuket overdevelopment risks

Is overdevelopment possible?

Developers want to built everywhere, so the Thai government has a lot of building laws in Phuket. Which ones? We bundled the most important ones in this video.

Video: Phuket building laws

Phuket airport

Airport Phuket

With so many tourists arriving in Phuket every year, Phuket needed a new airport. This has been built recently, but there are plans for a completely new one! Check out the video for more details.

Video: Phuket Airport

Phuket yachts

Phuket Yachting

Phuket wants to be the new Saint-Tropez of South East Asia. With new harbours they attract the new rich people and they have plans to build a new marine in Panwa.

Video: Yachts Phuket

Thai investments

Thai investments

Why is Phuket so popular for Thai investors? When you have money you need to buy something in Phuket or open a business. The Millionaires Mile is the place to be!

Video: Thai investments

Property appreciation

Property Appreciation

When you invest your money, you want to be sure that the investment is safe and with a huge appreciation. Real Estate in Phuket is a better investment than elsewhere. How much better?

Video: Value of Property

Thai Economy

Currency: Thai Bath

The Thai currency is one of the strongest in South East Asia and is stable compared to other markets. When you invest here, you do it in a strong Thai economy.

Video: Thai Economy

Do I need a lawyer

When you buy property you don’t need a lawyer. But if you want to consult a lawyer, you need to hire a Thai lawyer. They know the regulations and will help you with the paperwork.

Video: Thai Lawyer

Property own

Legally own property

How can I legally own property in Thailand? We asked a Thai lawyer for the different possibilities and you can see her answer in this video.

Video: Own property

Open a Thai company

How to open a company

When you want to buy a villa you are limited with your options. You will need to open a business in Thailand. Don’t worry, we are here to help you.

Video: Open Thai company

Thai visa

Which Visa should I take

When you want to live or stay in Thailand, you will always need a Thai visa. Which visa option is the best for you? We asked a Thai lawyer for the possibilities.

Video: Thai Visa

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