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Phuket Stability

Posted by Asa Marsh on March 25, 2023

In our second video we asked the President of Phuket Real Estate Association about the stability in Phuket. This is important when you want to buy something in Phuket and you want to be sure about your investment money. With all these disasters that happened, Phuket is still growing strong. Why?

Stability in Phuket

Phuket and stabilityPhuket is one of the top destinations in the world to visit. Not only by Europeans, but it is also a favorite holiday destinations for Americans, Chinese, Russians and Australians. Tourism is an important factor with 17.4% of the GDP in Thailand. This is also the reason when something bad happens, we quickly crawl up and show our strength. We overcame the following disasters or events:

  • One of biggest natural disasters had hit Thailand on one of the busiest days of the year. In 2004 The Boxing Day tsunami hit several countries in the Indian Ocean.
  • Several years ago, like other places in the world, also Thailand was by some bombs.
  • Bird flu, knowing that chickens are an important part of the meals in Thailand, it also affected the Thai economy.
  • Political situation: even after the military coup and elections, nothing changed to the real estate properties.

Every Thai knows how important tourism is for our economy and how much it contributes to the welfare of families. If something negatives comes up, they react as possible and keep on going. Knowing all this, you see your investment is in a safe place. If you want to buy property in Phuket or have a question, feel free to contact us, Easy Living Phuket.

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