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Protecting against overdevelopment

Posted by Asa Marsh on March 25, 2023

Phuket is protected by a lot of land and building laws. In this short video we explain some of the laws that the Thai government has enforced and why they are doing this. Of course we asked the expert Mister Boon Yongsakul for some more information.

Phuket Building laws

Phuket overdevelopmentOne of the laws in Phuket is that you can built a house or condominium that is higher that 8 floors. To be more precise, you can’t go higher than 23 meters this is around 7 – 8 stories high. A second law is that you can’t start building when you are 80 metres above sea level. If you want to build a villa or condominium near the sea, you will need to leave 20 metres from the beachfront.

Limited land

When you know these three rules, combined with the fact that Phuket is an island, you know that the land is limited. Limited land also means that price of land will be expensive. Phuket is famous for the nature and temperature, and with these laws they want to keep it this way. This also helps against overdevelopment and you can be sure that your property in Phuket will keep his value and will even raise some percentages.

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