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Thai economy

Posted by Asa Marsh on March 26, 2023

When you invest your money in Phuket, Thailand you want to be sure that your money is safe. An important factor in this is the Thai economy. How is the Thai bath reacting to the dollar, euro, sterling and others.

Thai economy – Thai Bath

Thai economyThe Thai bath is a strong currency and doesn’t fluctuate a lot. For example when North Korea fired a missile over Japan almost all currencies in South East Asia fluctuated that day, except for the Thai Bath. The government also has a value of 200 billion dollars in Thai currency in reserve.

When the Thai Bath is weak we can welcome more tourists, but we don’t see the currency growing much stronger as the Thai economy is based on tourism, agriculture and exports. For investors this is a good sign, because your money is safe in a stable economy. If you want to buy property in Phuket, the time is now.

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