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Thai investment

Posted by Asa Marsh on March 26, 2023

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In this video we discuss the topic of Thai investments in Phuket. Not only foreigners invest their money in Phuket, but also the wealthy Thai persons want to have a villa, hotel or restaurant in Phuket.

Thai investors in Phuket

King Power invest Phuket

Like in every country owning property gives you more status. This is also the reason why Thai people want to own a villa, hotel or restaurant in Thailand and more precisely in Phuket.

When you are a successful businessman, it is good to have a hobby and in this case owning a restaurant or hotel in Phuket is the perfect hobby. This gives extra exclusivity to Phuket and owning property here. Phuket has the nickname of Beverly Hills of South East Asia already.

Millionaires mile in Kamala

When you have a villa on this street you are considered to be a millionaire. When your friend has a villa there, you need to have one as well. Just to be in the same social status, which is important in Thailand. We have several properties there that you can buy, with prices around 6 million euros for a villa. Contact us if you want to see some villas or check our page Phuket properties.


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