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Why is Phuket doing so well

Posted by Asa Marsh on March 25, 2023

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In our first video we will explain why Phuket is doing so well and why tourists like to visit our island. This video is part of our show that we created so we can better explain the benefits of Phuket, Thailand. Buying property in Phuket is easy but you need some knowledge about the country and the island.

Why is Phuket doing so well?

We asked the President of the Phuket Real Estate Association, Mister Boon Yongsakul for his point of view.

Phuket doing wellPhuket is an island, some people forget this part, and is surrounded by crystal clear water. This is a natural gift that not a lot of other countries or islands have. The beauty of our crystal blue water attracts millions of tourists each year.

The second important thing why people love Thailand so much, is the culture. Year after year, Thailand is top in the award of “smiling people.” In “the land of smiles” or “the land of Freedom”, they will always try their best to help you!

Factor three why Phuket tops the world is the location. With a perfect central spot in South East Asia it is easy accessible for almost half of the world population with countries like China and India. With less than five hours flying, they can enjoy a dream holiday in Phuket. Australians only need 7 hours to fly here and they also buy a lot of property in Phuket.

We also bring up the topic about activities and diversity: there is something to do for everyone that visit Phuket. You can choose from shopping, island hopping, sailing, partying, Muay Thai, hiking, and many more. This diversity brings all kind of tourists to Phuket and these are all reasons why Phuket is doing so well. Don’t forget we also have the right infrastructure, schools, hospitals but we explain this more in our upcoming videos.


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